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Save up to 50% ongoing costs each year – migrate your retired SAP system to the Cloud

Jun 17th, 2011 Cloud Computing

Are you running an old SAP system (perhaps a retired HR System) that is maintained for legal reasons but you are not using it for live transactions?  Do you have a need to migrate the system to new hardware within the next 12 months? Does the retired system use a database no longer supported by your organisation?

If you are asking these type of questions and thinking about engaging in such a project, then you really need to consider the viable option of migration to the Cloud (such as Amazon EC2 Cloud) rather than just looking at an on-premises hardware refresh solution.

What are the costs of running your retired SAP system on-premises?  These costs will typically include the hardware infrastructure, hardware infrastructure maintenance, database platform, SAP maintenance (development and production), an operating system, and probably internal data centre resources.

These costs for an on-premises hardware refresh will be payable irrespective of the number of times the system is used – perhaps you only use the retired SAP system for 8 hours per month?

By contrast what are the costs of running your retired SAP system on the Cloud? If you chose to use the database platform provided by the Cloud vendor then the costs will typically include the SAP maintenance (development and production) and the pay as you go usage charges (covering infrastructure, database, and an operating system).

So, if you only need to use your retired system for the 8 hours per month and you migrate the system to the Cloud you literally only pay for those 8 hours and no more.

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