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Royal Mail Mailmark™: Measuring your Access mail’s performance

I thought I would share information created by Royal Mail for their Access customers on their Mailmark™ product – it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how this new service will add value to mailers and service providers.

“Mailmark™ (formerly known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode® or EIB®) brings mail, technology and business information together. Mailmark™ combines a new barcode with innovative optical technology and digital performance reporting enabling consignment level reporting on machinable Letters and Large Letters as they travel through the Royal Mail network.

For the first time, businesses that adopt Mailmark™ will know where their mail consignment is in the Royal Mail network, when it’s scheduled to arrive and how well it performs – all at a click.

Launching in summer 2014, Mailmark™ offers:

  • Transparency – know where your mail is
  • Timing – know when your mail is due to arrive for better planning
  • Reporting – know how to maximise performance at every step.

Mailmark™ enabled Access products:

Sortation:                            Access 70
Format:                                Letters and Large Letters

Optional Services:

  1. Advertising Mail
  2. Responsible Mail Entry
  3. Responsible Mail Intermediate

Mailmark™ has a number of benefits for different stakeholders:

For business customers it offers:

  • Agility – you can make better business decisions based on the extra visibility of Royal Mail performance that Mailmark™ provides
  • Confidence – you know when your communications reach customers and time your follow up and resources. You can provide proof of process to your stakeholders
  • Efficiency – Free information on address quality – reduction in goneaways and incorrect data reduces costs and improves customer contact

For mail producers it brings:

  • Solutions – see exactly at what point a problem arises and why
  • Proof of value – demonstrate efficiency through mail reporting
  • Proportional adjustments – a more targeted adjustment system
  • Equip and attract – the new capability will open the door to new customers

For advertisers and agencies it enables:

  • Campaign integration – fall to earth information generated by Mailmark™ will help you to integrate your marketing campaigns across media as well as improve your contact centre scheduling.
  • ROI – compare effectiveness of mail to other media
  • Reach – improve accuracy and limit mail returns

Customers are being brought onto Mailmark™ in stages between now and summer 2014.”

Why not post your thoughts on how this new service will benefit large mailers and service providers below?

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