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Tony Edwards

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5 ways to reduce costs and improve process control in your ERP Order to Cash cycle

As part of your organisation’s “order to cash cycle” a number of documents are created, including quotation, sales order, delivery, and billing documents – the billing documents include invoices (based on deliveries or services), credit or debit notes, and pro forma invoices.

We can effectively demonstrate 5 ways to reduce the overall cost of your ERP Order to Cash document distribution through the following methods: Continue reading


Leverage the use of effective and efficient cross media communication

Effective document design can ensure an easily understood communication, a clear call to action, a reduction in unnecessary content, and a maximisation of available document space will deliver tangible benefits in both creating opportunities for new business revenues and a reduction in distribution costs.

A key element of optimising customer communications (such as statement, account opening or loan origination communications) is developing communication business processes that leverage the use of effective and efficient cross media communication.  Good cross media communication will enhance the communication value by increasing its efficiency through multi-channel interaction, thereby really enhancing the relationship between your receiving client and your corporation.

The intrinsic business value of your client customer communications can be seen in the fact that they are often one of the only regular customer touch points that occur – the value translates itself in terms of the following key areas; cross selling opportunities, cross media channel marketing, and increase in the share of a customer’s “wallet”. Continue reading


How to create customer communications so that your customer acts on it

Both operational and transactional customer communications are an excellent medium to encourage a call to action that is only loosely related to the topic of the originating communication. Examples might include a financial services company looking to encourage receiving on-line letters or statements rather than posting them, or perhaps a retail bank requesting your permission to only receive one envelope for multiple statements or communications that might arrive on your doormat on the same day from them.

I thought I would share a real life experience of an operational customer communication that was posted to me to deliver information on pension rule changes which was accompanied by a full colour A5 insert, designed to encourage sign up to an e-zine, with a QR code or URL as a call to action.

Continue reading


How to solve operational efficiency & multi-channel communication objectives in tough economic times

Document re-engineering techniques are being used by organisations in these tough economic times to help them solve their operational efficiency, multi-channel communication and transpromo objectives.

Document re-engineering helps you achieve your operational efficiency and customer communication goals by modifying the print file as it exists today, so that you don’t have to make those application or composition system changes. Continue reading

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Save time and money sending mailshot letters or postcards

Hybrid mail services are intended to remove the time & material cost for companies and home workers producing mail to prospects & customers at their own premises, by leveraging website driven services to access third party automated printing, inserting and postal distribution.

It allows organisations & individuals to boost direct mail response rates by more than 15%, cut postal costs by up to 60%, enjoy increased ease of use – whilst simultaneously slashing carbon emissions by around 80%; and all without even having to leave your office chair.   Continue reading


How will your bulk mail runs be affected by National Access NGPP rules?

Royal Mail Wholesale made changes from 5 to 4 zones for their Zonal Access Contract holders in April 2010 and have finalised the change to the definition of the National Geographic Postal Profile (NGPP) rules based upon those 4 zones for their National Access Contract holders.

So what does that mean to you? If you use a Downstream Access provider for your mailing runs, such as UK Mail, Secured Mail or TNT Post, then the likelihood is that you will be using National Access for many of your mailing runs.

The proposed NGPP rules will expect your Downstream National Access provider to comply with a certain percentage per zone being present within each of your mailing runs, whereby Royal Mail Wholesale will monitor these percentages on a monthly basis and then report on them for given a three month period.

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