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Tony Edwards

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Distribution Management for your customer communications

PostStream Distribution Management for your customer communications combines “best of breed” software components, consulting services, implementation services, and industry partnerships to deliver a range of options that will enable your organisation, regardless of its size, to match any distribution challenges you may have with an effective distribution management solution.

An example of typical distribution challenges we solve include managing the decline in postal distribution through initiatives of transitioning to electronic channels, reducing return mail processing and associated costs, maintaining postal compliance to prevent discount reversions, simplification of the distribution logic contained within multiple document applications, and ensuring the lowest distribution cost across multiple destinations and channels. 

Distribution Application Logic in a single platform

  • Simplify the document application(s) logic and on-going maintenance
  • Joint enveloping of client mail with the same address in a mailing run
  • Manage the logic for splitting mailing run for physical, electronic and archive distribution
  • Manage the weight & size logic based on contents of each mail pack within mailing run
  • Applies to both print ready data streams and document composition ready data streams

Managing Decline in physical postal distribution

  • Increase adoption in secure e-mail, web site presentment, and digital mailboxes
  • Maintaining postal compliance as volumes decline
  • Lowest mailing run postal costs  through real time postal service optimisation

Managing Global Distribution

  • Address management business processes to enhance delivery results and reduce return mail processing and associated costs
  • Optimisation of production destination(s) through real time International, Direct Entry and / or Domestic postal service selection

Flexible access to Distribution Management functionality

  • On demand Platform as a Service for marketing and lower volume transactional distribution
  • On premise Platform for medium and high volume transactional distribution
  • Managed Print and Mail using an established outsourcing partner with global presence, infrastructure and resources

Why not engage PostStream to solve your distribution challenges – contact me now.

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