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Tony Edwards

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Decrease risk of incorrect pricing and resultant changes with complex postal services

A constant challenge to businesses producing volume mailings is to maximise efficiency at every stage of the transactional print & mail production process, and with by far the largest proportion of cost residing in the postal distribution area, optimising these processes can reduce those costs for your organisation.

Managing the correct postage that is attributed to each individual mail piece in a transaction document process has become more complex, given the variety of weight & size based postal services that are now available from your postal providers.  For high volume transaction document mailing runs, the complexity becomes far greater when the output has to be prepared for automated fulfilment, manual fulfilment and hybrid mail fulfilment.

Manual fulfilment processes have to take into consideration the weight, size and thickness of the individual mail pieces so that a postal service selection decision can be made. For example, producing a Welcome Pack that is up to 750g in weight could be sent as a Large Letter, a Packet Post item, or a Packet Sort item (if there were more than 250 Welcome Packs that day).  There is always a risk of incorrect pricing being applied to an individual mail item, as each of these postal service selection choices has a very different price.

In addition, transaction document applications tend to be created with specific postal service selection decisions effectively hard coded, and if the postal service selection choices change (as they tend to do) this often requires the application to be changed.

Both the change management overhead and the risk of incorrect mail piece pricing can be drastically reduced if the transaction document application interfaces directly with an independent postal service selection decision engine, thereby optimising the process and decreasing costs for your organisation.

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