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Royal Mail increase Business Mail 2nd Class by an average of 3.91%

If your company has a PPI account with Royal Mail then you will see an average increase to your 2nd Class postage costs of 3.91%, and an average increase to your 1st Class postage of 4.02%.

If your company uses Franking machines you will now pay 6.38% more for standard tariff 1st Class and 12.12% more for standard tariff 2nd Class.  Whilst Franking is still less expensive than the price of stamps, it appears that the pricing is no longer aligned with Royal Mail PPI Account pricing. Continue reading

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Impact of recent Royal Mail Wholesale Access changes

Throughout my engagements with large mailers and service providers this year, I am getting a sense that the risk of surcharge for Royal Mail Wholesale Access clients will begin to have a serious impact going forward into 2014.

The shift in postal regulatory controls covering the Universal Service, the recent first step of privatising the Royal Mail Group, along with the bold intentions of TNT Post to compete for end to end services (currently West London and Manchester postcodes), are key reasons for this likely surcharge impact for 2014.

If a large mailer elects to use both DSA services and alternative end-to-end services, then there is a significant risk that the National Access fall-to-earth Postal Profile rules, for either Zonal Postal Profile or SSC Benchmark & Urban Density Profile, will not be met.  Essentially, as key postcodes are removed from the DSA Service used in a mailing run, for the alternative end-to-end service, then the postcodes left for the DSA service mailing run will most likely not meet the fall-to-earth postal profiles mentioned above.

Additionally, as the reach of the alternative end-to-end service extends to a much greater number of UK postcodes, this risk of not meeting the National Access fall-to-earth Postal Profile rules increases exponentially.

So how can large mailers, DSA postal providers or large service providers protect themselves from this surcharge risk?  Continue reading

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Royal Mail Mailmark™: Measuring your Access mail’s performance

I thought I would share information created by Royal Mail for their Access customers on their Mailmark™ product – it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how this new service will add value to mailers and service providers.

“Mailmark™ (formerly known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode® or EIB®) brings mail, technology and business information together. Mailmark™ combines a new barcode with innovative optical technology and digital performance reporting enabling consignment level reporting on machinable Letters and Large Letters as they travel through the Royal Mail network.

For the first time, businesses that adopt Mailmark™ will know where their mail consignment is in the Royal Mail network, when it’s scheduled to arrive and how well it performs – all at a click.

Launching in summer 2014, Mailmark™ offers:

  • Transparency – know where your mail is
  • Timing – know when your mail is due to arrive for better planning
  • Reporting – know how to maximise performance at every step. Continue reading

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Document application libraries and the ever changing landscape of mail distribution

How do you effectively manage a large number of document application libraries when the rate of change in mail distribution continues to speed up?  How do you minimise the impact of change to the on-going maintenance of those document application libraries while the rate of these changes increase?  One way is to code the mail distribution decisions directly into each individual document composition or print data stream application, but is that the most efficient and effective way, given the ever changing landscape of mail distribution?

Let’s just take a look at two key areas of mail distribution changes:

  1. Physical distribution prices, service selection rules, and compliance continue to change, as National Postal operators in a de-regulated market are required to maintain the Universal Service, whilst dealing with the on-going pressure of ever increasing competition.
  2. As physical distribution prices continue to increase, large mailers are adopting more effective strategies to switch their document users over to electronic delivery, using either a push (email) or pull (website or web portal) methodology.  Continue reading

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Distribution Management for your customer communications

PostStream Distribution Management for your customer communications combines “best of breed” software components, consulting services, implementation services, and industry partnerships to deliver a range of options that will enable your organisation, regardless of its size, to match any distribution challenges you may have with an effective distribution management solution.

An example of typical distribution challenges we solve include managing the decline in postal distribution through initiatives of transitioning to electronic channels, reducing return mail processing and associated costs, maintaining postal compliance to prevent discount reversions, simplification of the distribution logic contained within multiple document applications, and ensuring the lowest distribution cost across multiple destinations and channels.  Continue reading

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Assessment of the Royal Mail Wholesale Consultation issued 8 Oct 2012

This article provides an insight into the key areas of this Royal Mail Wholesale (RMW) consultation and the impact it will have on iSORT™ installations in the UK.

National terms – combining SSC and Zonal fall-to-earth rules

The pre-2012 NGPP rules used mailing region / SSC to determine the fall-to-earth – for sample National postcode files run in 2007 we identified 68.55% non-compliance (85 of the 124 regions).

Access 70 currently only uses 85 selections so these would be used for the fall-to-earth rules.

For the same sample National postcode files run against the current 4 zonal NGPP compliance rules, three files were compliant, and one was not. Continue reading


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